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Meaghan Hearn

By Kyler Anne Ford

Meaghan Hearn, Tagg Magazine 2015

Photo by Denis Largeron

Meaghan Hearn fell in love with Washington, D.C. in the first week of a college internship. After graduating from law school, she came back to D.C. and joined Ackerman Brown PLLC as a criminal defense attorney – now one of the largest NGLCC-certified, LGBT-owned law firms in the country. She revels in politically charged atmosphere that D.C. has to offer. An avid runner, Meaghan’s neighborhood park is the National Mall and she never gets tired of lapping the Lincoln Memorial. She also loves sports, anything from watching soccer or a triathlon to playing in a pickup softball game.

At her office, being out was never a question. As an attorney, she works with many LGBTQ clients on a broad spectrum of issues from workplace discrimination to government security clearance investigations to minor criminal offenses. Her community involvement is an integral part of her life, as she serves on the board of directors for Capital Pride Alliance and the LGBT Bar Association.

Meaghan always wanted to be a lawyer. She realized early on in her life how vitally important it is for people to have an advocate fighting to protect their interests. She counts herself fortunate that she can wake up every morning excited to go to work and contribute to the LGBTQ community (and take that morning run past the White House).

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