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March 10, 2015
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March 12, 2015
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Nicole Cutts

By Michelle A. Dowell-Vest

Nicole Cutts, Tagg Magazine 2015

Photo by Denis Largeron

Asking the proverbial question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” is what drew Dr. Nicole Cutts down the road of helping other women find their path. The owner of Cutts Consulting and Vision Quest Retreats began her own journey after she fell out of love with clinical psychology work. She decided that she would not spend one more moment in a career that wasn’t fueled by passion.

Over the next few years, Cutts nurtured her search for her own passion by being authentic to her gifts, which includes painting and writing.

Working with employees and organizations, she started Cutts Consulting to help create training and development programs that strengthen organizational culture and produce measurable results. She also launched Vision Quest Retreats, which she describes as a holistic experience that focuses on helping women align with their passion.

“It is not a selfish act to do work that you love,” says Cutts. “Because when you are doing work that you are passionate about, that is when you are going to bring your best to the world. And that is our mission.”

Cutts is also writing The Adventures of Isabel, due to be released later this year. She loves meditating, practicing yoga, and traveling. Fun fact: she sleeps and travels with two stuffed animals named Tony and Runner. Once they got lost in her luggage and traveled to Atlanta without her.

Currently Cutts runs Women Owned Business Wednesdays via Facebook. You can also listen to her every Tuesday on 89.3FM for Inside Out LGBT Radio.

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