Betty Who and DJ Cassidy to Perform at Capital Pride Festival

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Betty Who and DJ Cassidy to Perform at Capital Pride Festival

Capital Pride announced that Betty Who will also be performing at the Capital Pride Festival.  The 22-year-old singer, born Jess Newham, is making waves with her debut EP. The Movement, and its unstoppable single “Somebody Loves You.” Betty’s success is her ability to bridge past and future music trends, mixing classic synthpop production with her uniquely modern singing and songwriting voice.

Betty writes all her song lyrics solo. The beats so far have been crafted in collaboration with producer Peter Thomas, who has previously worked with Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez. Platonic soulmates since age 18, the pair operate under the motto that “making something good is easy, the challenge is making it right.”

They hit the mainstream this September when “Somebody Loves You” soundtracked the viral YouTube hit “Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal.” The choreographed flash mob dancing to Betty’s beats already has over 10 million views.  The dancing is great and the couple is adorable, but it’s “Somebody’s” infectious joy that really gets you. The track debuted at number 4 on Spotify’s most viral list.

DJ CassidyDJ Cassidy has been at the nexus of music, fashion and nightlife for more than a decade and has become the go-to deejay for your favorite rapper, pop star, business mogul, fashion icon, and trendsetter. A longstanding bridge between disparate worlds, Cassidy has channeled his diverse experiences and analytic creativity into Paradise Royale, his debut album set for release in spring 2014 on Columbia Records. Inspired by what he calls “the golden era of dance music,” Cassidy united the architects of the worldwide hits of the late 1970s and early 1980s with an eclectic list of today’s most revered recording artists.

The U.S. Capitol has served as the iconic backdrop to the Capitol Stage for hundreds of performances from local and national entertainers, politicians, and activists. Since its inception, the festival has grown and evolved, and this year is no exception, starting with extended evening hours to enjoy the U.S. Capitol as a background of a sunset dance party.  The festival exhibit hours are noon to 7:00 p.m. The Capitol Main Stage will go on until sunset, approximately 9:00 p.m.