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May 2, 2014
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Wedding Announcement: Caitlin Mitchell and Susie Veech

Names: Caitlin Mitchell and Susie Veech

Ages: Caitlin, 25; Susie, 27

Professions: Caitlin is a personal assistant and Susie is a food service consultant.

City, State: Silver Spring, MD

Date of Wedding: May 10, 2014

The Big Day: The wedding is at our church, the Church of the Ascension in Silver Spring, MD. Our wedding is unique because it is almost entirely DIY. From the food to the flowers to the decorations and vows, Caitie and Susie have put together this entire wedding nine hours away from the majority of their friends and family. Our love of literature and bright colors definitely comes through in our wedding. We have scoured antique book sales for almost a year in order to create our library wedding. I feel like everyone will be truly amazed that 90% of our wedding was done by hand – there is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in our wedding. It’s truly 100% us.

Theme: Library/Literary/Books
Colors: Orange, aqua, light gray, and yellow

The Firsts
First meeting: We met in college at the University of Kentucky, back in 2007. We had mutual friends and ended up in a study group at a local coffee shop. Caitlin actually really disliked Susie at first and felt she was really snotty and rude.

First date: Caitlin had just moved back to town and Susie suggested they grab drinks at a favorite local bar. That was the first and only date they needed to know it was finally meant to be.

First kiss: At the end of our first date, Caitlin looked Susie in the eyes and said, “I’ve wanted to do this for the last five years.” And that was it!

Susie Veech and Caitlin MitchellWhen They Knew: I think, in a sense, we have always known that we were meant to be. Over the years, friends have always dropped hints that we were a good match, but the timing never seemed to quite work out. We both spent an obscene amount (or just the right amount) of time denying our feelings for one another. Honestly, I think we knew just a few weeks after we started “officially” dating that we would marry one another. However, it took us about a year to finally reach the point where we were ready to take that next step.

The Proposal: Susie had been planning on proposing to Caitlin for quite some time and as Caitlin understands it, it was to be quite epic. Susie had planned to take Caitlin to the Biltmore Estate for her birthday at the end of June. While there, she would propose at one of the most romantic locations in the America.

And then Caitlin beat her to the punch.While strolling around Keeneland Race Course in Lexington on June 11 of last year, Caitlin suggested that Susie climb up this huge tree and strike a pose. When Susie turned around, Caitilin was down on one knee (in the mud) and asked Susie to come down from the tree and marry her. Obviously, she said yes!

The Rings: Caitlin’s ring is an amazing sparkly mess of vintage glory. Susie completely designed it on her own with only a vague suggestion from Caitlin, and it is absolutely perfect! Susie’s ring is intricate and simple in the same breath. The ring incorporates an infinity swirl with a delicate design that allows Susie to wear her ring while cooking.

Honeymoon: Pompano Beach, FL. The couple is looking forward to taking their first vacation in two years, and is so ready to just lounge on the beach.

Looking into the Future: We are recent transplants to the D.C. area, so we plan to stay here for the time being. We are looking forward to moving into the District in the near future and adding to our family not too long after that.