Rock On and CampOut: The Virginia Women’s Festival

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May 22, 2014
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Rock On and CampOut: The Virginia Women’s Festival

Mama's Black Sheep

Mama’s Black Sheep will be performing at the 2014 Virginia Women’s Festival

Nestled deep in the rustic wonders that is Virginia, just off I-64 in Kents Store, Virginia lies 96 acres of luscious leafy paradise, also known as CampOut. This wild wilderness gets transformed into the Virginia Women’s Music Festival every year for three days over Memorial Day Weekend. Music, laughter, love and life can be heard echoing from the tree tops. Over 400 women will come to partake in this event, not to mention the 16 musicians that will take the stage throughout the days to pour their heart and soul into the microphone for all to hear. Not only will there be estrogen filled music, but 12 vendors will scatter themselves throughout the terrain to sell such things as jewelry, clothing, and other women inspired creations.

Virginia Women's Music Festival Line-upOne of the many bands that will be occupying the festival is Mama’s Black Sheep, who are regular performers at the annual event.

“Baillie Hall has created something really amazing. Ashland and I have been coming to CampOUT for many years, both in previous bands and as Mama’s Black Sheep, and it’s great to see what this festival has become,” says Laura Cerulli of Mama’s Black Sheep. “For the artists it’s something we look forward to every year. It’s a great space to reconnect with each other and with nature, and to see friends you might not see anywhere else all year long.”

Crys Matthews, another performer at CampOut feels, “the women there are so nice and wonderful, they are so receptive of the music and engage in the audience and other musicians.”

Sally Terry, one of the founders of CampOut, explains that the weekend’s events lead up to a Memorial Day Ceremony on Sunday night. Terry, Billie Hall and Clara Wanner, the owners and operators at CampOut, are not only strong courageous women, but are also veterans of the service. Sunday night, just before sundown, active or retired members of the military are given a small float with a candle, clad in the rainbow and American flags, the candles are lit and the floats are sent out onto the lake. The moment is breathtaking, and extremely emotional. Virginia Woman’s Music Festival is one weekend out of the year you do not want to miss.

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