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Five Great Wedding Ring Alternatives

Hand tying a wedding dress

Most people can’t seem to imagine a wedding – or a marriage – without a ring. However, the traditional idea of what a wedding ‘should’ be has well and truly passed, and for many couples, wearing such a traditional relationship symbol may not align with their ideals. People, particularly in the media, are starting to shun the wedding band. Celebrating your marriage can be as unique as you like it, so if you’re contemplating breaking away from the norm when it comes to your marriage, here are some non-ring alternatives for you to consider.



These don’t have to even be on the left-hand finger. Tattoos are a special symbol of love and commitment because unlike rings, they can’t be taken off (at least, without significant effort). They can take the shape of anything you like – your partner’s name, a date or a special symbol or image. However, make sure your future tattoo won’t hinder your career, as there are still some employers who find tattoos unprofessional.



A watch is an ideal alternative to a ring because you can spend as much or as little as you like. A Swiss-made Tissot watch, for example, is cheaper than most wedding rings, but is still a classic timepiece that will remain wearable for decades. Matching watches with names and dates engraved on the back is a subtle but meaningful statement of your love, and a perfect alternative if your fiance isn’t keen on jewelry or rings in general.



A pendant on a long chain can be hidden at the office but still shown off if you’re out with friends. Metals like gold (make sure you get 14 or 18 carat, which is stronger), sterling silver and titanium will hold up to daily wear and tear without breaking. Like watches, a pendant can be engraved on the back for extra meaning, and a larger medallion may even fit a half-line from your vows. Matching necklaces, with designs like puzzle pieces or yin and yang halves, is another touch you could consider if you want something special to symbolize your marriage.



Why not be offbeat? Matching piercings are a truly alternative way to show that you’re hitched, whether it’s in the ear, nose, face, or other parts of the body. Most women can get away with multiple piercings, and it’s becoming increasingly common for men, too. Plus, if you’ve never had anything pierced before, it can be a bonding experience for the two of you!


Something handmade

Whether it’s a little cup or bowl from pottery class, some metalworking, a hand bound book of poetry or something knitted, sewn or embroidered, making something with your own hands is a meaningful symbol of commitment that’s truly unique to you and your partner. No one else in the world will have exactly what you do, and no one else could create something quite the same.


Traditions are not for everyone, and sometimes couples wish to make their love unique to those of others. Whereas wedding bands seem perfect for some, it does not mean it has to be perfect for you. Make sure you end up celebrating your commitment exactly how you wish to.