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10 Rules for Friends With Benefits

Two women, friends with benefits


Friends With Benefits or ‘FWB’ is a no-strings attached relationship where two friends enter into a casual sex without making any serious commitments. If executed properly, FWB offers many benefits. It allows two friends to spend more time on their career and themselves while satisfying their sexual urges safely once or twice a week. Also, by replacing the traditional dating or romantic hangout, such arrangements let partners save lots of time and money. Unlike a romantic or dating engagement, a FWB situation demands much less emotional, mental, and physical energy from partners.

The said benefits of FWB is achievable through understanding and execution of the following 10 rules:

1. As the main purpose of the FWB is for the equal satisfaction of urges, both intimate and sexual of those involved, any emotions and feelings, excluding lust are prohibited.

2. Safety and protection must be of high priority.

3. The mode of communication should be limited to cell phone texting, private emailing, or a short phone chat. Also, the conversation should be limited to availability of other partner as well as a proposed appointment. All messages are to be deleted after the conversation.

4. There must a freedom for the asked partner to accept or refuse the other partner’s appointment without any explanation.

5. Cuddling and sleeping often lead to attachments, so it’s better for partners to avoid frequent oversleeping.

6. Personal life and any kinds of relationship must not be a topic for discussion.

7. It is strongly advisable that both partners avoid having dinner, watching a movie or engage any social interaction that requires both partners to be seen together in a public place. Also, if both partners are invited to the same social event, it is not required that they greet each other.

8. No gifts are allowed or accepted. Likewise, borrowing or giving of money is prohibited.

9. If one partner develops feelings such as love, infatuation, caring, the other partner has the right to terminate the FWB immediately with no need for explanation to the other partner.

10. Both partners are highly discouraged to tell others of their FWB arrangement, before, during or after the duration of the engagement. If one partner is confronted with an accusation of having a FWB relationship, denial would be the only response.

It is a good practice to put the above rules into a binding contract or agreement. The communication of above rules before and during a FWB relationship play a critical role in assuring that partners’ friendship stay intact regardless of their casual sex. Lastly, always be mindful of your expectations from a FWB partner versus a romantic one such as a wife/husband or serious girlfriend/boyfriend. For instance, there is no need for using romantic words such “honey, baby, etc” or otherwise giving goodbye kisses. Any form of romantic phrases or acts that cause two friends to develop attachments must be prohibited.


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