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The legacy of The L Word is not just about general queer women representation; It’s also about how sexual queer women were allowed to be on the show. The original show featured some of the best queer – and overall – sex scenes of television history. The show’s successor Generation Q is thus far no different. Through two seasons, we’ve received a plethora of steamy moments that live rent free in our heads. In anticipation of new ones from the coming season, here are the top 10 sex scenes of Generation Q so far:


10. Finley and Sophie – 1 X 08

finley and sophie sex scene

Of course, no one likes cheating. However, there is something hot about forbidden desire, especially in fiction. There’s a natural element of tension in that story arc, and it’s palpable here, as Sophie (Rosanny Zayas) and bestie-turned-lover Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) take things up a notch from their earlier illicit kiss, despite Sophie’s engagement to Dani. The slow build, tender touches, and nervous laughter all add up to an undeniably hot scene (though Sophie’s obvious guilt is why this isn’t ranked higher).


9. Tess and Finley – 1 X 05

The pairing of Tess (Jamie Clayton) and Finley, both hot messes at the time, was random and not built to last. Drunk sex is messy but there’s something delightfully raw in this one-night stand. The amusing pre-sex banter, lusty chemistry, full-body camera-pans, and authentic movements and moaning all make the scene worthy of this list.


8. Shane and Quiara – 1 x 05

shane and quiara sex scene

One of the biggest surprises of Gen Q was finding out commitment-phobic L Word OG Shane (Katherine Moennig) had gotten married – to a musician named Quiara (Lex Scott Davis). Eschewing a pending divorce, the couple shares a night together. Quiara wakes Shane with sweet kisses, and soon Shane begins tenderly fingering Quiara. Quiara starts succumbing to Shane’s touch, but then announces she’s pregnant. The truth bomb kills the mood, but there’s a humor to it, which only adds to the scene’s charm.


7. Bette and Gigi – 2 X 02

Bette (Jennifer Beals) and Gigi’s relationship arc was weird – they’re the power couple that never quite took off. But this scene, at least, delivered a super sexy tale of two tops. Gigi (Sepideh Moafi) makes Bette beg for kisses, then they fight over who removes whose clothes, then let their tongues do the fighting. This also features an elite song choice – “Feelings” by Clay, ensuring maximum steam level.


6. Dani and Gigi – 2 X 08

gigi and dani sex scene

Who didn’t lose their minds seeing Gigi and the equally gorgeous and fierce Dani (Arienne Mandi) having “Bette Porter sucks and we should have done this a while ago” sex? Dani waited to get with Gigi out of respect for Bette, but when Bette angers Dani, she defiantly heads to Gigi’s and initiates an intense make-out session that quickly escalates. The scene is too short (if there were more to it, it’d be ranked higher), but it packs a lot of sexy in the time we’re given.


5. Nat and Gigi – 1 X 07

If this seems like a Gigi/Sepideh Moafi appreciation list, well… I’m not the one who made Gigi a sex goddess. With that established, here’s the scene background: L Word OG Alice (Leisha Hailey) is in a throuple with Nat (Stephanie Allynne) and Gigi – who’s Nat’s ex-wife. Although this scene of Nat and Gigi hooking up without Alice leads to the throuple’s doom, it’s easily one of the show’s most erotic romps – with Gigi licking Nat up and down, the camera following her every move, and Nat moaning in response. Throw in gorgeous warm lighting and the sensual song “Body Talk” by 1st Vows, and it’s nearly impossible not to sweat watching Gigi and Nat reconnect.


4. Sophie and Dani – 2 X 01

Despite cheating on Dani with Finley at the end of season one, Sophie forges ahead with plans to marry Dani. On the eve of their wedding, Sophie and Dani have a beautiful night together. There’s kissing against the wall, stumbling through removing each other’s clothes, and from there, things progress with giddy earnest. The camera angles and pans, romantic bliss, physical chemistry, and perfect song choice – “Every Kind of Way” by H.E.R. – collectively make this scene epic, in spite of the dirty secret it carries.


3. Shane and Tess – 2 X 08

shane and tess sex scene

Shane and Tess both have a lot of bad girl baggage, but they cultivated the purest friendship throughout Generation Q, slowly opening up to themselves and each other, growing separately and together. In episode seven, they share a long-awaited kiss, and this scene is a delayed subsequent step. The intimacy shown, and the fact that this is the best-developed Gen Q couple, makes this hook-up incomparably special (plus, you know, it’s Shane).


2. Bette and Pippa – 2 X 07

bette and pippa sex scene

Bette is rarely a smitten kitten-type, but her affection for Pippa was intense and obvious from the minute Pippa’s character was introduced. The two are a match made in queer heaven – artist and art curator, two badass talented Black women. They are iconic. So, of course, so is their hookup. The tryst is brilliantly set to a backdrop of an art installation featuring 3D bright blue, green, and purple-ish lights, and the sultry song “Slow Down” by Grae. That setting is magic, as are the actresses/characters, delivering an impassioned exploration of one another’s bodies, complete with simultaneous “O” faces.


1. Gigi, Nat, and Alice – 1 X 04

l word threesome

Was the top scene even a question? This threesome isn’t just the hottest women-loving-women sex scene of Generation Q. It’s arguably the best of the L Word franchise and one of the best in television. Everything about the scene is dynamite: the smokeshow actresses, the story lead-up (e.g., the trio going from frenemy co-parenting exes/new woman to lusty throuple), and the steam! Everyone kisses everyone, pretty much everywhere, skin’s laid bare… The immense eroticism makes this undeniably the ultimate sex scene of Gen Q to date. Your move, season three.



Amanda Ostuni
Amanda Ostuni
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