Loni Love: Ally, Comedian, and HomeGoods Expert

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Loni Love: Ally, Comedian, and HomeGoods Expert

Loni Love

In a time when many straight celebrities desire to become icons within the LGBTQ community, Emmy and NAACP award-winning talk show host Loni Love concerns herself with being a good ally. The electrician-turned-comedian, author, actress, television personality, and co-host of The Real, doesn’t simply talk the talk: she’s unafraid to walk the walk. Literally. Last year she appeared as a contestant on RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race. Love’s respect for the LGBTQ community is documented in genuine moments throughout her career—Her four appearances as guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, her experience emceeing the Equality Awards for Gay and Lesbian Youth in Long Island, even her interaction with fans at her stand up shows.  “After performing stand up, people come up to me and say, ‘You allow me to be myself,’ or ‘You allow me to be strong enough.’ Those comments make it worth it.”In fact, stand up is what first clued Love in to the strength of her LGBTQ fanbase. “I saw that LGBTQ fans filled my VIP section, had the biggest bar tabs, and really had a good time. Once I saw how much the community supported me, I needed to support them.”Loves’s support comes from personal insight. She explains, “As a plus-sized Black woman, I understand how hard it can be. Adding another marginalized element to that makes life even more difficult. I feel for the community.” She’s intentional about using her platform to make a difference. Her goal is to be kind, helpful, and encourage understanding. “All people should be treated equally and fairly,” she says.With the onset of COVID-19—and the temporary shuttering of stand up venues across the country—Love’s had less chance to connect with fans in person. So this year, she’s trying something a little bit different. She’s teaming up HomeGoods to help fans complete what can be one of the most difficult holiday tasks: Shopping for their loved ones. Whether you’re shopping for your ex-girlfriend’s kid brother or your favorite co-worker Love has tips and personal picks to help you gift better. “Keep a list of your loved ones’ hobbies and listen. Listen to what they say they like.”

Love likes to share advice and insight that makes her fans’ lives just a bit easier. In her latest book, I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To: True Life Lessons, she shares helpful life advice and underscores the importance of staying true to yourself. It’s a message that’s served her well—from finding love in 2018 with boyfriend James Welsh to building a successful career. Apart from appearing daily on The Real, Love stars on E!’s Daily Pop, guests on numerous game shows, and is filming the upcoming Gordita Chronicles.

Perhaps it’s this shared focus on living one’s truth that’s endeared Love and millions of LGBTQ fans to one another.Connect with Loni on Instagram and enter to win an exclusive virtual shopping session with Loni at Calendly.com/HomeGoodsGiftBetter





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