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Top List Tuesday: Moments in LGBTQ American History That You Should Know

In Chicago, December of 1924, Henry Gerber and six other men started the first known organization in the United States to focus on gay rights. Funded almost exclusively by Gerber, the organization published two newsletters titled, Friendship and Freedom.

A Review of 'Just Gender'

More often than not, the LGB community omits and neglects the people and importance of the T in our acronym. Despite being dubbed by various news outlets as “The next civil rights frontier”, it is all too easy to misunderstand, misrepresent and misplace the transgender community.

LGBT Organizations Left Out of $15mil City Fund Grant

Yesterday, The DC Center for the LGBT Community, the Center for Black Equity, Casa Ruby, SMYAL, Us Helping Us, HIPS, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) expressed their deep disappointment that not a single local LGBT organization received funding under the City Fund…

Photos: Ladies and Laughter Comedy Show

The Human Rights Campaign and Mautner Project of Whitman-Walker kicked off the Mautner weekend with the First Annual Ladies & Laughter at Artisphere in Arlington, VA. Tagg was there to capture the laughter.