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Cancer symbol (by HayDmitriy)

Hello, celestial explorer! It’s a pleasure to see you back here for week five of Queer Astrology. As we’ve moved through the last four lessons, you’ve been filling out your list of friends with their zodiac signs, but you may have a few blank spots left on the page. Today we’ll fill those in as we put on our rain boots and wade into the world of water signs.

How do I spot a water sign?

Like the element for which they’re named, individuals born under these signs tend to harbor intense emotional depths. Their intuitive nature allows them to move between feelings quickly, causing them intense bouts of moodiness. Ruled by these mercurial feelings, they are more than a little thoughtful and tend to be very spiritual people.

Who are the people born under this emotional element?

Cancer ♋ (born June 21 – July 22)
Symbol: The Crab
Famous Cancers: Megan Rapinoe, Carmen Maria Machado
Known as the most emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancers are caring, imaginative individuals who are tightly connected to their families (whether they be blood or chosen). Aptly represented by the protective crab, Cancers are not easy to influence and can be much tougher than their emotional outpourings would have others believe.


Scorpio ♏ (born October 23 – November 22)
Symbol: The Scorpion
Famous Scorpios: Willow Smith, Amandla Stenberg
Scorpios are known for their intense passion: These tender-hearted lovers tend to be all or nothing, swinging easily from devotion to vengeance. Represented by the scorpion, those born under this sign are very sensitive and easily hurt. Their reputation as tough loners is actually a byproduct of the serious effort they make to hide their vulnerabilities.


Pisces ♓ (born February 19 – March 20)
Symbol: The Fishes
Famous Pisceans: Dominique Jackson, Niecy Nash
The final sign on the astrological calendar, people born under Pisces are known for their helpful natures, bevy of social and professional contacts, and pleasant, non-judgmental personalities. Like the two fish that represent them, these are individuals who tend to go with the flow. On the one hand, this means that they are excellent at adapting to change, but on the other, Pisceans are often perceived as being spacey or passive. 


Congratulations! You now know all four elements, twelve signs, and twelve symbols of the zodiac. This week, review your friend list and see if you’re seeing any patterns: Are most of your friends one or two specific signs? Do your fire and water friends clash epically? What elements or signs aren’t in your inner circle at all? It’s fun to see what insights the stars might give you about your life and the relationships in it.

Next week will be our last hurrah for Queer Astrology with our sixth and final lesson. We’ll cover a few astrological odds and ends and check out accounts you can follow to keep exploring the zodiac with the larger queer community. Until then, look up and remember that we’re all watching the same stars.


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Sondra Rose Marie
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