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Lez Hang Out Podcast: Should’ve Been Gay Ep. 81 – Encanto with Jessica Darrow
April 6, 2022
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April 10, 2022
taurus symbol

Taurus symbol (by HayDmitriy)

Hello again friends! Pull out that list of friends and their signs we made last week, because now it’s time to learn about the earth signs in your life.

It may seem odd to talk about earth and the ground beneath us in a series on astrological movements and constellations, but earth signs are who keep us grounded. People with these signs are known for thinking things through because they rarely start things they won’t finish. Practical, hardworking, impressively detailed, earth signs feel the happiest completing useful activities. They crave emotional and material security, which explains their dedication to productivity. This trait is even stronger when others are on their mind: Earth signs are willing to feel the strain in order to help their friends and family succeed.

Despite all of this, these grounded cuties still know how to enjoy themselves: Earth signs are known for their overt sensuality, unique approaches to creativity, and habit of taking their time regardless of outside pressures.

Who are these diligent earth signs?

Taurus ♉ (born April 20 – May 20)
Symbol: The Bull
Famous Taurians: Kehlani, Lena Waithe
Taureans are social, patient, generous, and dependable signs. Represented by the bull, they have a reputation for being rigid planners, vain, and more than a little indulgent. They love cash, and often choose jobs that offer a steady income. Taureans excel financially and know when to spend versus when to save. 


Virgo ♍ (born August 23 – September 22)
Symbol: The Virgin or The Maiden
Famous Virgos: Kim Petras, Sara Ramirez
Often represented by a maiden in a flower crown, Virgos are sensitive, thoughtful, and loyal souls with a practical streak. They can be great entertainers and leave strangers spellbound, but their goal of perfectionism can lead them to get too caught up in work and neglect their life outside of it.


Capricorn ♑ (born December 22 or 23 – January 19)*
Symbol: The Goat
Famous Caps: Holland Taylor, Demoria Elise Williams (aka Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté)
Just like the goat that represents their sign, Capricorns refuse to be pushed around and  forced to do anything they don’t want to. Like their Taurus siblings, they crave security which is largely achievable thanks to their ambitious, disciplined nature. However, their drive can result in materialistic, opportunistic, and controlling practices if not kept in check.

* With Capricorn, you’ll see that the starting date isn’t set in stone. Because Earth is constantly moving, the astrological dates for each sign can vary by a few days. This is why your birth year (and even time!) can be so important to getting the most accurate read of your chart.

You know the drill for homework this week: Mark the earth signs in your life and think about how their grounding energy shows up in your relationships with them. Also, consider how these insights can strengthen your interactions with these hardworking sweethearts.

And just like that, we’re halfway through the astrological calendar! Tune in next week as we drift into the exploration of air signs. Until then, happy stargazing!


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Sondra Rose Marie
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