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April 28, 2022
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May 2, 2022
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Welcome back fledgling astrology lovers! Today we’re finishing up Queer Astrology 101 with a few final tidbits and advice on learning more as you continue your journey across the cosmos.

✅  Confirm Your Astrological Dates
I mentioned this briefly when we talked about Earth signs, but it’s important to remember that astrology is based on the movements of the planets. There are a lot of approximates, including the dates for each sign. The dates typically associated with each sign can shift by a few days depending on the movement of the constellations. People born on the last few days or first few days of a sign are born on a cusp, and sometimes show traits of the two signs their birthday sits between. In order to be sure that you’re checking the right signs for you, access your birth chart.

✨ Other Interpretations of the Stars
Throughout this series, we worked with the Tropical zodiac calendar, which is based on the sun’s location on the elliptic. In Western culture, the Tropical calendar is the most popular. However, there are other interpretations of the constellations! You might run into people who use the Sidereal calendar, the Draconic calendar, or the Vedic calendar. This is why you’ll see articles from time to time saying that your astrological sign is not what you think it is. Which astrological calendar you use is completely up to you.

🌙 More Astrology!  
One of the easiest ways to get comfortable with the signs and their traits is to follow astrology meme accounts on social media. This way, astrology learning is blended into your everyday habit of scrolling your feed. Some that I find to be accurate include Cogey, Sanctuary World, and The Pulp Girls.

If you want to learn more beyond simple signs and their meanings, there are some amazing queer astrologers out there. Chani Nicholas is a very popular lesbian astrologer who’s created her own app! Jessica Lanyadoo keeps it light with fun filters. Her website has a wealth of information as well. I also recommend Kelsy at Deep Sea Astrology and Alice Sparkly Kat.

😉 Finally, Have Fun  
While many people use astrology as a method of divining the future or understanding the past and present, none of that should stress you out to the point that you don’t enjoy the practice. Keep the fun in your astrological practice by sharing astrology memes with friends, joking about your sign’s telltale traits, reading your horoscope, and checking out the signs for your favorite TV, movie, or book characters.


Thank you for following along on this adventure through the zodiac. It’s been an amazing six weeks and I hope you’re leaving with a clearer understanding of the signs and their place in your life. The next time your Taurus friend debates dating a Scorpio over brunch, your coworker mentions that it’s Gemini season, or you’re date reveals their Aries identity, you’ll be ready to chime in. You’ve got this!


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Sondra Rose Marie
Sondra Rose Marie
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