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March 12, 2015
Jenn T. Grace
Jenn T. Grace: Professional Lesbian
March 14, 2015
Sharpe Suiting, Tagg Magazine

Sharpe Suiting (Photo: Sierra Schepmann)

More than 25 designers will be unveiling their latest creations featuring up to 20 different looks on the runway during  Queer Fashion Week in Oakland, CA.

Guests can expect to see more than 100 models sashaying down the runway sporting the latest designs from Crookid Mindz, Haute Butch, Im.Butterfly Creations, Immigreat Designs, Inner Diva Styles, Kreeps in Disguise Co., Lady Lovers, Note 2 Self, Pascual Keyng, Play Out Apparel, LLC; Qwear Fashion, Saannti, Sambi Fashion, Sharp Suiting, Show & Tell Boutique, Shades Company, Clothing, Size Queen Clothing, Speechless Vulgarity, Split Personality Designs, Stuzo Clothing, SunSun, SX Couture, Thuy Custom Clothier, True Life Clothing, and Vagina Jenkins in Oakland, California.

SX Couture, Tagg Magazine

SX Couture (Photo: Attic Floc)

The designers represent a variety of fashion styles from accessories, evening wear, lingerie and undergarments, outdoor wear, urban wear and more made for the fashionista – feminine to the masculine of center and everyone in between.

“We are very excited about it,” said Leon Wu, CEO and founder of Sharpe Suiting in Los Angeles. “It’s important, especially for younger crowds to be able to see designs like that on the runaway.”

Wu recalled being in high school and not feeling comfortable in her fashion options or with being herself.

“I think that the more designers that are showcased the more of an impact that it’s going to have. So, I’m really excited for this fashion week,” said Wu, who feels the new generation of queer youth won’t experience the same discomfort she felt growing up.

Marialexandra Garcia, founder and designer of Outplay, a swimwear brand based in Miami, agreed.

“Outplay exists because I want people to feel comfortable being who they are and to be able to enjoy life being who they are,” said Garcia. “That includes going to the beach and going to the pool just hanging out and being yourself in a very comfortable way.”

In recent years LGBTQ designers have emerged opening their own boutiques and online shops answering the call for unique fashions for a queer aesthetic.

“Queer designers are designing in a myriad of styles from evening wear to urban apparel, unisex to swimwear and beyond and we want to showcase this incredible talent,” said Christine De La Rosa, Producer of Queer Fashion Week, who chose to host the fashion week in Oakland because it’s a hub of creativity and cutting edge of fashion on the West Coast. “What is really exciting to me is seeing the level of excellence that we have in our community.”

The designers presenting their lines are diverse in a way that transcends queer sensibility translating it through material and patters to fit a variety of bodies and styles for the rest of the world.

Queer Fashion Week takes place April16 – 19, 2015. For more information, visit www.queerfashionweek.com.

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