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Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

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Creative dates keep conversations flowing and chemistry growing

No one wants to be bored on a date, especially on Valentine’s Day. Here are some suggestions that will give you plenty to talk about together.

Sharing engaging, revealing, intimate conversations is the way that relationships and chemistry grow, blossom, and bloom! Going on creative dates ensures that your conversations won’t be stale. The following ideas are fun ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day.


Visit the zoo

Being around stinky animals isn’t everyone’s idea of a romantic date. However, this is a great place for a date because of the unlikelihood of a lull in conversation. And, it is less controversial than going to an art museum, where a disagreement in tastes could kill the mood. After gawking at misbehaved animals for a few hours, while getting exercise by walking around the zoo, you’ll have plenty to chat about on your next date.


Tour wineries

Try to keep the consumption to a minimum so that you can enjoy the beauty of every winery (and your date). If you are ready for it, then turn this day into a romantic weekend getaway and spend the night somewhere charming. If you’re newly dating, keep it simple: Take pictures of the two of you at each winery. Afterward, while looking through your snapshots together, create a “best to worst” list. If you’re not spending the night, then consider hiring a car to drive the two of you around. You could also bring a basket with lunch and enjoy pairing your food with the wine that you bought.


Take a cooking class

Want to use your hands on a date, while creating something beautiful and delicious? (Who would say no to that?) A cooking lesson is a great date because (1) you learn a new recipe, technique, or skill together; (2) you interact, physically, the whole time (keep it clean, people); and (3) you share a meal that you created together, which makes for easy, yet engaging, conversation over food. Want to take it up a notch? Hire a personal chef for a culinary lesson at your home. Use your date’s favorite foods and spices. And, make dessert in advance so that the chef can leave the two of you alone after dinner has been prepared.


Ice skate

Your body releases endorphins during any kind of physical activity. Sharing outdoor experiences together is invigorating, yet intimate. Remember: Staying healthy allows you to feel good about yourself, which alleviates stress in a relationship or on a date. If you start your relationship on a healthy note, then you might be able to avoid the sometimes-inevitable 15-pound “I’m in a relationship” weight gain. Being healthy will only improve your relationship and your dating experience. Dig out your old skates or rent new ones, hold on tight, and brave the ice together! Share hot cocoa afterward and see where the date leads.


Overall, remember that first impressions are very important, but “keeping it fresh” is just as crucial for your relationship to progress. Be creative, show consideration, and set up a unique environment where you can be yourself and get to know your partner, intimately. We love the idea of learning something new together, creating a memory, and developing a bond to help build your relationship.

Happy dating!


Kim Rosenberg and Meghann Novinskie have been honored in multiple national publications for their work at their company, Mixology–Matchmaking With a Twist (www.ReadyToMix.com). Mixology is an offline personal matchmaking agency exclusively for the LGBT community, with offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles and clients around the country.



Kim Rosenberg
Kim Rosenberg
Kim Rosenberg is a professional matchmaker with Elite Private Search DC. Learn more at gayelitedates.com.