July 3, 2014
I Am Transgender, Roanoke May 2014

Equality Virginia Expands Transgender Initiatives

Equality Virginia recently engaged the transgender community through their first “I Am Transgender” regional meetings. The goal of the organization’s May meetings were to construct an action plan to include more trainings, build a blueprint for a statewide conference, and educate non-transgender people on transgender issues.
May 29, 2014

Video: Family Shares Story of Transgender Child

Recently, the Whittington family posted a video online sharing their story about their transgender child, Ryland. Though they struggled with the concept of hearing their daughter repeatedly proclaim her gender as a "boy", they researched and took steps to create a safe and loving environment for their son.
December 20, 2013
Photo of Benson Navarro

A Part of the Crowd

By Benson Navarro
“How do you know that you're really trans?” To put mildly, this is a very egregious question I'm sure many transgender people can attest to hearing. While it's certainly not the most combative question, in a sense, it can be very trigger inducing causing a series of emotions to stir, such as rage, sadness, confusion, and grief.