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Jennifer Beals as Bette and Laurel Holloman as Tina in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q

Jennifer Beals as Bette and Laurel Holloman as Tina in THE L WORD: GENERATION Q (Photo: Isabella Vosmikova/SHOWTIME)

Gen Q’s season 3 finale contained more drama (and drugs!) that any other episode this season, as well as the highly anticipated, long-overdue wedding of Bette and Tina. And in true L Word fashion, this season ended with several cliffhangers, so I hope we get a season four!

As you may recall, last week’s episode brought us the end of Shane and Tess, and it seems as though Shane has wasted no time moving on. This episode starts with Shane f*cking Bette and Tina’s wedding planner in the bathroom on their wedding day. We later find out that the wedding planner is married, but she is an open relationship, which seems to intrigue Shane.

On the other hand, the end of #Shess is weighing heavily on Tess, who continues to drink despite her history of alcoholism. When Alice realizes that she was supposed to provide booze for the wedding, she gets Shane to call Tess and ask for alcohol. Tess saves the day, but not without sabotaging herself by taking cocaine with a random stranger at the wedding.

But it’s not just Tess who is doing drugs. Dani’s friend Roxy is back in town, and the two of them end up doing Molly at the wedding. The outcome is pretty hilarious, and includes an extremely high Dani telling Dre that she loves them over voicemail. Dani also encourages Sophie to go after Bette’s ex Pippa, who makes a surprise appearance at the wedding.

If you think I’ve forgotten about Bette and Tina, I have not, and I would not! Unfortunately, it’s just a byproduct of this week’s episode having too many storylines to give Bette and Tina the screen time that they deserved. For example, during this week’s episode, there was a side plot in which Micah and Maribel argue about the potential effects of Maribel’s disability on giving birth, which ends with Micah destroying their sperm sample. While the conversation was important, it seemed a bit out of place since they were the only characters not at the wedding.

That being said, there was a lot that the writers did right with this wedding. I especially appreciated the implicit acknowledgement of how long we have waited for Bette and Tina to get married. In one scene, Tina references her friends in a way that also extends to the fans. “They have been on this very long journey with us,” says Tina. “And I want them to see us happy.”

By the end of the episode, we do see them happy, and get the most heartwarming lesbian vows I have ever seen on TV. But not without some classic L Word hijinks – after Tina has a hot flash, Bette and Tina take a trip to the walk-in fridge at the wedding, and get stuck inside!

While they’re in there, they have a meaningful heart-to-heart about Bette suppressing her negative emotions for Tina. They also get a visit from Angie and Hendrix, who promptly break up once Angie finds out he is moving to New York.

Luckily, Tasha (who you may recall is a now a firefighter), comes to save the day and get Bette and Tina out of the fridge before the wedding. And even though Alice was pissed at Tasha during their reunion last week, Alice finds it in her heart to apologize to Tasha. This comes after Alice hears from Tasha that Dana was so present in their relationship that she felt as if she knew her, in a way. It’s at that moment that Alice finally understands Dana’s message from episode six: she wasn’t “the one” for Alice, but “the one” was someone that knew Dana, in a way.

Of course, it’s not a Generation Q finale without a few cliffhangers, and this season does not disappoint. After hearing Dani’s declaration of love, Dre shows up at Bette and Tina’s wedding, only to find out that Dani is seemingly ready to commit to Roxy, who has moved back to LA for good. Tess screams at Shane during the wedding for sleeping with the wedding planner, and knocks the cake over before running away with the guy she was doing cocaine with.

But the biggest kicker? At the end of the episode, Finley gets a call from the LA Police Department regarding Tess, and we don’t know why. All I can say is there better be a season four!


Becca’s Rankings

Sexiest Scene: Shane f*cking the wedding planner.

Most OMG-Moment: Dani finding out that Gigi is engaged to Nat, but she is over it.

Funniest Moment: Bette and Tina getting locked in a giant refrigerator on their wedding day.

How We Know We’re in 2023: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attending Bette and Tina’s wedding!

Best Musical Moment: Dani making out with Roxy to “Like This” by Lloren.

Who will sleep together next? Sophie and Pippa made out, but didn’t sleep together because Pippa said she wanted something nice to look forward to!



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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