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December 1, 2022
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The Next Generation of Queerness
December 5, 2022
dani and gigi in gen q

Dani (Arienne Mandi) and Gigi (Sepideh Moafi) in The L Word: Gen Q (Credit: Showtime)


This week’s episode was the first without the great Jennifer Beals, who revealed last week that she is taking a step back from her lead role on Generation Q. Though the episode did feel a bit empty without her, it attempted to fill the Bette Porter-shaped hole in our hearts with guest stars such as Margaret Cho, Kehlani, and Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy). And like all the episodes before – our characters face major relationship drama, and not the good kind.

On last week’s episode, Alice told Shane she thought that Shane had “the itch” to leave her relationship, and boy, was Alice right. To my great dismay, Shane cheats on Tess with a makeup artist and young parent named Ivy (Kehlani). Even though I really wanted Shane and Tess to work out, I do have to admit that Kehlani is incredible in this role. Also can’t we just admit what everyone already knows and make Shane polyamorous?

Unfortunately, things are just as bad for Dani and Gigi, if not worse. Thankfully, Gigi is alive after that horrific car accident, but when Nat gets called to the scene as Gigi’s emergency contact, she accidentally kisses Gigi on the lips. Gigi questions it, and later tells Nat that when she got into the accident, she saw Nat and the kids flash before her eyes. Dani catches the two of them holding hands during Alice’s 100th episode, and feels betrayed. Dani confronts Gigi, who says she needs a little bit of time to figure things out, but Dani says she’s done.

With Alice this week, her romantic life has finally improved, and thank goodness, because she really has had a tough time lately. On the 100th episode of her show, she brings in Margaret Cho to help her find “the one” through a series of questions to three potential suitors that she can’t see, and ends up asking for a date with a blonde woman named Taylor (Joey Lauren Adams). The banter between the two of them is sweet, and I hope we see more of them together next week.

In a typical episode of Generation Q, Finley usually deals with the most drama, but this week, she finally catches a break. After helping Shane demo and remove the walls at the new bar Shane bought with Tess, she meets up with Tina’s ex, Carrie (Rosie O’Donnell). Carrie accidentally slams her face into the bathroom door in the bar, but it leads to a cute moment between her and the butch plumber. Finley tells Carrie to ask her out and the two make a deal that if Carrie asks her out, Finley will apply to college. And they both do, though Carrie ends up joining her bowling league instead.

The episode wraps up with Dani throwing oranges at Gigi and Nat’s car because she is pissed about their relationship. But on the bright side, Sophie invites Dani over for dinner, and Dani finally calls a truce with Finley. We’ll see if that sticks!

Becca’s Rankings

  • Sexiest Scene: Shane and Ivy (Kehlani) together!
  • Most OMG-Moment: Angie finds out that the random guy she kissed on last week’s episode is her creative writing professor!
  • Funniest Moment: Alice says it’s “nice to have real fans in the audience and not just confused tourists who think they’re here to see Ellen.”
  • Best Musical Moment: Finley and Shane breaking some walls down to none other than “Pony” by Ginuwine.
  • How We Know We’re in 2022: When Margate Cho tells Alice to choose her blind date, she says: “And unlike women’s reproductive rights in America, this choice is entirely yours.” Too soon?
  • Who will sleep together next? I’m feeling the vibes between Alice and Taylor.



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