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diana weigel, DJ Dee DubName: Diana Weigel

City, State of Residence: Fairfax, VA

Age: 24

Profession: DJ / Producer / Soccer Coach


In a few words, how would you describe yourself?
Friendly, adventurous, artistic, carefree, but I can also be intense.

Your favorite hangout spots.
A-Town Bar & Grill, the soccer pitch, Town Danceboutique, and the Mosaic District in Northern Virginia.

Favorite guilty pleasure.
Devouring mochi ice cream, which is a type of Japanese ice cream wrapped in dough, covered in light powdered sugar. Yum!

Favorite quote.
“You can’t.” – the naysayers

Who is your biggest influence? And why?
My mom is my biggest influence because of her work ethic and caring nature. Born in Vietnam, she fled to the United States in her early 20s when the communists took over her homeland. Having barely any financial support in the U.S., she was taken in by an American family. She worked and went to school at the same time, and eventually graduated with a master’s degree in social work. My mother and father married, and they were able to provide a better life for my brother and me. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the way in which my parents raised me, and what they have provided me.

Favorite event.
Capital Pride weekend. I love seeing all of the elaborate costumes in the parade, running into my dear friends, and getting to be a part of pride by working as a DJ.

Do you have any regrets in life?
I would regret not trying out for professional soccer again this season. I tried out for the Washington Spirit last year, but I was cut the last day of pre-season camp, which was heartbreaking. Maintaining fitness levels and skill until the next year of tryouts is definitely not a small task. I give credit to those women who are able to do exactly that, and play with such talent. However, if I made the team the first time, then I probably would not have been able to DJ for the past year and start my own DJ business.

Favorite lesbian celebrity.
Ellen Degeneres. I think she is a fantastic role model. She is comfortable being herself, she is absolutely hilarious, and she gives back to the community. Not only is she a comedian and humanitarian, but she also promotes other people’s causes and finds inspiring people to share with the rest of her audience.

Any fun facts or anything else you want our readers to know?
I can burp on command, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, and I’m an architecture graduate school dropout. Both fields were not my calling, apparently!




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