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6 LGBTQ Holiday Destinations For 2020

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(Photo by Fox Moody from Pixabay)

Booking a vacation is an amazing way to relax and unwind somewhere exotic and new. Deciding where to vacation, however, can be difficult, with so many great places to visit. It’s not impossible to narrow down your choices, though, and this guide can help you during the selection process.

Here are six vacation destinations to consider so that you can have a blissful time away this summer!


Berlin is a bustling city known for its artistic culture and stunning architecture, but that isn’t all; it is also one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in Europe. In fact, the city is often referred to as the gay capital of Germany!

Berlin is perfect for anyone who likes to party, as it has lots of gay bars, clubs and festivals (including Berlin Pride). Many of these clubs and events can be found in the Schoneberg district, but no matter where you go you should be treated with love and hospitality.


Sitges is a beautiful coastal town in Spain, and although it isn’t particularly well known it definitely should be. The town is filled with breath-taking Mediterranean beaches that you can visit during the day, and at night time the town comes alive with a bustling LGBTQ nightlife scene. The small town even has an annual Gay Pride, giving tourists the chance to celebrate their sexuality in the beautiful Spanish sun.


Mykonos is a beautiful Greek Island known for its white beaches, but that isn’t all; the town is also classed as a popular European LGBTQ summer holiday destination. There are lots of bars and clubs that are LGBTQ friendly, and there is also the XLSIOR festival that celebrates people being connected by love. The event is very popular, and it often hosts some of the most famous LGBTQ artists currently producing music.

If you want to visit Mykonos (or any other Greek Island) this year, consider using Exoticca travel for affordable packages.


Toronto is a modern city that embraces the future, so you probably won’t be too surprised to hear that the city is LGBTQ-friendly. In fact, the largest gay community in Canada can be found in Toronto’s downtown gay village. The area is simply known as The Village, and it provides visitors with a selection of bars, restaurants and arts venues to explore. So you can party in the evening, and enjoy LGBTQ culture during the day time.

San Francisco

Do you want to have an LGBTQ-friendly holiday without leaving the United States? If so, we suggest visiting San Francisco for a couple of days. The Golden State is often referred to as the gay capital of the world (that’s right; not just the US!) due to its important role in LGBTQ activism, and the city definitely celebrates this title. If you visit we suggest going to the San Francisco Pride Parade & Celebration (June 23 – 24); it is a beautiful, meaningful festival that teaches visitors more about LGBTQ history.

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