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Heather Haze and Bobbie English at wedding ceremony

Heather Haze and Bobbie English exchange vows in Great Falls National Park.

Names: Bobbie English and Heather Haze

Ages: Older than Molly Ringwald and younger than Cher

Professions: Bobbie retired in 2014. Heather is a full-time musician, composer, and recording artist.

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Date of Wedding: March 17, 2018

The Big Day: We share many things in common. Unfortunately, one of those things is that we’re both adept procrastinators. By the time we settled on our date of March 17, it was only 10 days away. Can you say panic? We worked our tails off in those 10 days to get the venue, guest list, cake, flowers, limo, rings, dress, and everything else. It was crazy, but everything just fell into place. In the end, we had an absolutely perfect wedding day. We held the ceremony at Great Falls National Park, overlooking the falls, with an intimate gathering of friends and family. The reception was a simple yet elegant affair at a cozy Italian restaurant in Tysons, Virginia. It was a wonderful and memorable day.

The Firsts
First meeting: We met at Freddie’s in Crystal City in Virginia in November 2014. Heather was performing with Wicked Jezabel. Bobbie was there with friends. That was the first time we were in the same space, but we didn’t get to know each other until later. Over time, we developed a friendship. It wasn’t until March 2016 that we really found time to talk and realized we were on to something.

First date: March 17, 2016. A beautiful spring day. We went to Sunflower Vegetarian restaurant in Vienna, Virginia. Afterwards, we had a lovely walk through Nottaway Park.

First kiss: We shared a shy peck on our first date. The hot and heavy stuff came later.

When They Knew: We knew within a month of our first date that this was something really special.

Heather and Bobbie's rings

An ad for Mervis Diamond in Tagg Magazine led Bobbie English and Heather Haze to the perfect wedding bands just in time for their big day.

The Proposal: Bobbie proposed over a burrito at Moe’s. No, really. She asked me what I thought about getting married. I asked, “Is that a proposal?” She said, “Yes.” After I got over my surprise, I said, “Yes.” The rest is history.

The Rings: The wedding was only 10 days away, and we didn’t have a clue. We went to a couple jewelry shops but didn’t find what we were looking for. Then we saw the ad in Tagg for Mervis Diamond. They helped us find the perfect rings within our budget and—miraculously—on time.

Honeymoon: We’ve decided to delay our honeymoon until the fall. We have some ideas but haven’t decided yet. Wherever we go, it’ll be wonderful, just like all of our time together.

Looking into the Future: We have a lot to do. We both love to travel. Bobbie will continue to hone her photography and videography skills. Heather has lots of music to compose and perform. Life is good!







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