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Wedding Announcement: Briana Green and Portia Williams

Briana Green and Poritia Wiilliams

Names: Briana Green and Portia Williams

Ages: Briana is 34 and Portia is 36.

City, State: Clinton, MD

Date of Wedding: August 20, 2016

The Big Day: The Great Gatsby themed wedding will take place at The Villa in Beltsville, MD. According to Briana, the wedding will be exhilarating fun and Portia promises a night to remember.

We are going to do things that have never been done at a wedding. We will have a gathering of two families that never have really met and will be coming together for the first time for our union. The Great Gatsby love story is similar to our real life story except no one dies…LOL! And, we really get to spend the rest of our life together!

The Firsts:
The First Meeting:
We met at Avery’s located at 1370 H Street NE, Washington, D.C.

First Date:
Our first date was at Station 4 in Washington, D.C. That’s when Briana told me she was in a relationship and in return I immediately wanted to end the date!

Briana Green and Portia WilliamsFirst Kiss:
We kissed at Station 4 later that day.

When They Knew:

Briana knew Portia was the one when Portia took her to the Dominican Republic on her birthday and barely even knew her. Portia knew Briana was the one on their first Christmas together in 2013 when she purchased Briana a Nikon D3200 camera.

The Proposal: I proposed on May 26, 2015 and it totally did not go the way I envisioned but Briana was so happy, excited, and surprised at the same time. But of course she said “YES”!

The Rings: “The ring, not rings,” says Portia. Briana was so in love and obsessed with a chocolate diamond ring. Portia looked high and low for the perfect chocolate diamond ring. Portia purchased the ring that she just knew Briana would love, and then she popped the big question. It only gets better. After all the love and excitement, Briana felt the chocolate diamond wasn’t how she thought it would look in person and she didn’t want it anymore. Briana wanted a whole new ring!

Honeymoon: Bora Bora

Looking into the Future: We want to work on starting a family. We want to have children preferably a boy, and we also want to move away from the D.C. metropolitan area in the near future.





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