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Fun Ideas For Girl’s Night Out

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(Photo: city moms)

It’s not every day you get time off to play. You work hard all week to earn your weekends and you want them to be exciting.

There are lots of things to do, but it’s not always easy to come up with ideas off the top of your head. Therefore, see fun ideas for girl’s night out and activities that are sure to be a blast.

Beer or Wine Tasting
Head to your local brewery or wine bar for a night of tasting and toasting. Some bars will have trivia, or quiz yourself on craft beer terminology at places like the Midnight Oil Brewing Company. Tasting is fun because you get to try different types of beers and wine in one sitting. Sip on a few and pick your favorite for the next round. You could even say the experience was “educational.”

If you’re feeling in the dancing mood, you should head to a nightclub. There’s no shortage of music, drinks and dancing at one of these spots. They’re a good time with a small or large group of people. Ask the DJ to play your favorite songs and dance the night away. It’s okay if you’re not the dancing type, you can still have a good time hanging out and watching those who are out on the floor.

Pool Party
A pool party or BBQ is another excellent idea for a warm summer day. Grab your friends and some sunscreen and head on out. Going for a swim can be euphoric in the hot sun. If you like to grill out, a BBQ is another great idea while you enjoy food, friends and fun. Instead of making one person do all the work, you should have everyone chip in and bring a food or drink item.

Girl’s Night In
Maybe you’re tired and don’t want to go out. Well, there’s nothing wrong with staying in on the weekends. Invite your friends over for board games. Have everyone bring a dish to pass and get on teams. It’ll be a night of friendly competitions and toast to a night to remember. You could even turn it into a slumber party.

Shopping or Movie
There’s always time for shopping. Head to the mall or your favorite stores and have a good time looking at and trying on an array of clothing. It doesn’t mean you have to buy anything. Shopping is enjoyable because you get to see what’s in style. If you get sick of shopping or want to do something else, head to the movies or a place for dinner.

If you’re in the mood for an activity, but don’t feel like going out, then have a bake-off. Team up in case someone doesn’t know how to bake and see who can make the best dessert. Of course, you’ll need to leave time for taste testing all of them. It’s something to do and doesn’t cost a lot of money, so why not?

Long weeks call for exciting weekends. It’s not always easy to come up with a game plan. These are a few fun ideas for girl’s night out that’ll have you laughing and enjoying yourself. Other activities can include paintball, dance classes and group hiking.