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February 3, 2014
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February 3, 2014

Fresh Ideas for Singles on Valentine’s Day

It’s Cupid season! Did her arrow miss you this year?! While our team is busy arranging dinner date reservations for our matched up couples, we want to offer a guide for some of our favorite people in the world — singles. Some will forget Valentine’s Day even happened and others will have a date with two men (named Ben and Jerry)!  But for those who are dateless and want something to do, here’s where and what (and potentially who) to do on V-day:

1. If you love celebrating holidays by having a few drinks, check out Cupid’s Bar Crawl. Dress in your Valentine’s best and mingle with others who have (at LEAST) two things in common with you – being single and loving a day drinking session.

2. If you are a social butterfly, check out singles parties thrown at cool venues by Meetup groups or Brightest Young Things. Again, being surrounded by other singles that are social like you will lead to a meeting of the (social) minds.

3. If you are less inclined to party than the aforementioned, call your best friend or your favorite couple and invite them over for dinner. Nothing shows love like cooking a delicious meal for others. If your favorite couple has kids, offer to babysit for them. If you love baking, whip up a couple batches of cookies and drop them off at your local fire station. Any of these will warm your heart – and theirs.

4. If you are one to join book clubs, check out what Politics and Prose (or any other local bookstore) has lined up. If there is a book signing or talk by an author, you’ll likely be surrounded by those who are moved by words as much as you, and will easily be able to strike up a conversation, if you so choose.

5. If you love being active, look for a new group cycle or yoga class to join that evening. There’s a good chance the women in that room (especially if the class is after work or during dinner hours) are working out there because they won’t be getting it in the bedroom later.

Regardless of what you choose, feel free to relish in the fact that you’re single and stress free on V-day! Happy dating!







Kim Rosenberg
Kim Rosenberg
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