How to Mix and Match Bikinis for Fabulous Looks

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How to Mix and Match Bikinis for Fabulous Looks

Woman in bikini

Woman in bikiniWe’re inching closer to summer, but the best bikinis and swimwear collections are already up for grabs. There are some very interesting trends to look for this season too, from the return of nudes to sexy cuts and two-piece bikinis. Now is the best time to buy the latest and greatest swimwear, because there are still plenty of off-season discounts to benefit from.

Before you go out on a shopping spree, however, a bit of planning is required. You want to have a selection of swimsuits that work well when paired with other fashion accessories to achieve different looks. You also want to be able to mix and match the different pieces you pick up – and the ones you already have – to look stunning for the season. We have the do’s and don’ts of mixing and matching bikinis here to help you get started.

Any Bottom with Any Top
A lot of fashion experts have these complicated rules about which style of top works with which bottom. You can stick to the ‘formal’ rules, but summer is always about having fun and there is no better way to have fun than by creating unique looks from different pieces.

You can easily pair a laced top with a sexy, high-cut bottom. You can also combine a one-piece with a nice scarf to add more weight to the bottom. Of course, there are plenty of halter and high-neck pieces, such as the Hot Tropics High Neck Keyhole Halter from Isabella Rose you can pick up from Swimsuits Direct, that you can combine with laced bottoms.

What’s important is to pay close attention to the natural shape of your body. You want to accentuate the parts that you love the most and redirect attention away from the parts that you don’t want people to focus on. I have a bottom-heavy shape, so I tend to rely on halters with lace or other accents and a simpler bottom when mixing and matching bikinis for a day at the beach. You can use this approach to perfect your look for the season too.

Stick with Complimentary Colors
You can also combine any color you like. There are some gorgeous patterns to pick from too, with pieces such as the Hot Tropics we mentioned earlier now available in bright colors with gorgeous patterns. Similar to mixing cuts and shapes, you have complete control over which colors you want to add to your look.

For this season, however, it is best to stick with complimentary colors. We’re seeing a big trend surrounding neutral colors such as white, black and nude. We are also seeing bright colors such as blue and pink in several top collections on the market. While there are so many options to choose from, the looks presented in these collections are leaning towards simple and classy.

Limit the number of colors you add to the look to three or four. You can stick to one dominant color and a complimentary color as the main ones, and then add smaller accents to parts of the look to make it more exciting. Scarfs and jewelry are also great for making a simple and classy look even more stunning.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to match prints and a solid color only when the solid color is present in the pattern already. You can also choose similar fabrics to get that more consistent look in general. Mixing prints is something you should avoid entirely.

Lingerie and Swimwear = Big No
There was a time when pairing a lingerie with swimwear was a good idea. That time is definitely long gone. Today, this is something you want to avoid. You can’t really achieve a good look without making it look cheesy when you pair these two fashion pieces. Besides, it is difficult to pull such a look off when you’re at the beach or on vacation somewhere exotic.

You also want to avoid mixing different colors that are too similar to each other. Stick to one shade or make the color combination more attractive by adding different colors entirely. The same can be said for materials; adding a material that’s heavier to the top or the bottom will lead to a look you don’t want to be seen in.

Do you have your own tips for mixing and matching bikinis? Or do you already have a particular look you want to sport for the season? We’d love to hear about them, so be sure to leave your stories in the Comments section below.