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Wedding Announcement: Que and Sade Peterson

Que and Sade Peterson

(Photo by Dontrell Rawls)

Names: Que and Sade Peterson

Ages: Que is 32 and Sade is 33.

Professions: Que is a Supply Chain Associate and Sade is a Senior Operational Manager.

City, State: Landover, Maryland

Date of Wedding: September 1, 2018

The Big Day:

Our wedding was at the Yacht Club at Marina Shores in Virginia Beach, VA. We would describe the overall theme of our wedding as “elegance.” The décor brought an already beautiful venue to life. It really wowed our guests.

We are both family-oriented people and in an LGBTQ community, having both of our family’s love and support meant everything to us. Que’s favorite aspect of the wedding was seeing Sade in the dress Que unknowingly selected. Overall, we were both excited to marry the love our life on an exciting yacht ride.

The Firsts:

First meeting: October 2004

First date: October 2004

First kiss: October 2004

When They Knew: March 2018

The Proposal: April 1, 2018

The Ring(s): We purchased our rings from Reeds.

Honeymoon: Caribbean cruise to Cozumel, Mexico

Looking into the Future: We plan to stay married and build a happy family.







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