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Soulmates Seminar for Single Lesbians

How to find and date the love of your life


On April 5 and 6, Life Mastery for Lesbians will host a weekend seminar and social opportunity for single lesbians. “The Soulmates Seminar” will be led by Dr. Claudia Contessini in Rehoboth Beach, DE. The two-day event for single lesbians will offer a unique research-based framework for assessing potential long-term relationship compatibility, and help to identify and avoid problem patterns in partner choice. Throughout the seminar there will be an emphasis on “gently facilitated” ways to meet and connect with other participants.

“This seminar is designed to help participants understand the pressures and dynamics of attraction and dating well enough to think clearly and to choose both passion and compatibility,” says Contessini.

The event features a “Conversation Evening” on Saturday night. There will be organized small and large group discussions, as well as a fun twist on speed dating. Participants get the option to plan their own courses and activities.

“This event is a great opportunity to really examine your needs and wants in a life partnership and to learn how to choose a truly compatible partner,” says Contessini. “This will be a large, very diverse group of lesbians who are serious about creating healthy, happy relationships and establishing real connections.”

The organizer has created a warm and friendly environment in case “you’re shy or your social skills are a bit rusty.” The goal of the seminar is to help women create strong and lasting relationships.

“Long-term stable, happy relationships are good for the individuals involved, and good for our lesbian communities,” says Contessini. “When there is a large base of long-lasting positive relationships, communities tend to be solid, providing a strong base for building positive, healthy lives”

Though the value of the seminar is usually $250, the host is offering tickets for only $60, ensuring the seminar is available to all lesbians. The weekend event is also a fundraiser for Josie’s Place, a cat rescue facility in Delaware. For more information about this weekend retreat, visit LifeMasteryforLesbians.com/Events/.


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