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The L Word: Generation Q Roundup: Season 3, Episode 7

Fletcher and Dani

Fletcher and Dani (Arienne Mandi) in Episode 7, Season 3 of Generation Q/Courtesy of Showtime

After last week’s roller coaster musical episode, this week’s episode of Gen Q was both messy as hell and a bit disappointing. Finley is in shambles, Sophie gets drunk, and we don’t see any of Shane because she is in Vegas for the funeral of Tess’s mom. We also get a special, yet underused guest star and some disappointing clues about Alice’s past dating life. So let’s get to it!

Episode 7 opens with Finley having a rough time after last week’s breakup with Sophie. She calls Shane and Tess for help, but since they’re both out of town, her next call is Carrie (Rosie O’Donnell), who invites Finley over to her house. Finley burns a lasagna and gets invited to bowling night, but things don’t get much better. Finley tells Misty the plumber (who you might remember from episode 3) that Carrie has feelings for her, and Carrie is pissed, especially because Misty says that Carrie is not her type.

Finley is an obvious mess, and Sophie is too, but she tries to hide it by getting her nipples pierced and her hair done and wearing a low-cut dress to Dana’s, where Dani is hosting an album release party for Fletcher. However, things get really messy. Dre, who slept with Sophie while Finley was in rehab, is flirting with Dani, and Dani is trying to keep it professional and get Sophie and Dre to network so that Dre can get on Alice’s show. Sophie misreads all the cues and tries to make out with Dre, but Dre tells her they’ve got their eyes on someone else, AKA Dani!

Meanwhile, Micah and Maribel are struggling to find a sperm donor, and at the album release party, Micah meets an Asian American man named Michael who practically finishes his sentences. Micah hatches a plot for him and Maribel to ask Michael to be their sperm donor, and Michael actually says yes . . . fairly quickly, though he says he has to ask his wife.

Before I can even process that, a drunk Sophie who had a lot of alcohol when she saw Dre and Dani flirting makes out with a woman who ends up being Michael’s wife. And then Sophie falls into a swimming pool. I swear – sometimes I feel like I am recapping a soap opera, except there would never be this many lesbians on daytime television!

While the party is happening at Dana’s, Angie is losing her virginity to her creative writing professor. It seems to have gone well, until an agent approaches her teacher at a reading, and he introduces Angie as his student, rather than his girlfriend. Later on, he decides it’s too much for him to be dating his student, and he breaks up with her.

At the same time, Alice invites Tom over to see if he’s the one, but finds out that Tom is seeing someone else, and it’s serious because the woman is pregnant. She tells Tom about what Dana said to her in last week’s drug-induced haze, and Tom asks Alice about her past relationships. Alice mentions Tasha and says that Tasha broke up with her when she became successful, and I’m sorry, I need more info here! Can we please get Rose Rollins back on Gen Q ASAP? (Don’t worry folks, I already told the show runner about this)

The episode finishes out with Tom and Alice finding a cat in the gutters of her office that Alice plans to name Piddles Jr. or Piddles 2, in honor of Dana’s cat, Mr. Piddles. We also see Misty ring Carrie’s doorbell to tell her she likes her and Dre and Dani going for a skinny dip. Although I’m not sure if Dre and Dani are going to last because Dre says they have a long-term girlfriend back at home, but are single!

Becca’s Rankings

Sexiest Scene: Micah and Maribel going at it after the fiasco at Dana’s.

Most OMG-Moment: The girl Sophie kisses at Dana’s is the wife of the man Micah asks to be his sperm donor!

Funniest Moment: Carrie’s bowling team is called: “I can’t believe it’s not gutter.”

Best Musical Moment: Fletcher singing her song “Becky’s So Hot” as herself!

Who will sleep together next? My bets are on Dre and Dani.



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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