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The L Word: Generation Q Roundup: Season 3, Episode 8

Sophie and Finley in Episode 8, Season 3 of Generation Q/Courtesy of Showtime

Four weeks ago, we had a Halloween-themed episode of Gen Q, and this time around, it’s Thanksgiving! While I don’t understand why these episodes aired so far after those holidays, I’m thankful for the character development we got and a bit spooked for Carrie and Tess!

Last week, we didn’t see any Shane, and this week, Alice is gone but for a brief phone call. When the episode opens, Finley is texting someone with a smile on her face. Carrie accuses her of sexting Sophie, and Finley tells her that no one uses the word “sexting” anymore. Finley and Carrie chat about Carrie’s love life, and Carrie tells her that she hasn’t had sex with Misty yet because Carrie is demisexual. I loved this ace representation – what a delightful surprise!

The next best moment of this episode is the chemistry between Dre and Dani, who lock lips while Dre is packing to go home for Thanksgiving. But when Dre’s flight gets cancelled, they end up staying with Dani for the holiday and bond over telling stories about their families, before hitting up Dana’s for the big Thanksgiving dinner.

At Dana’s, things are as chaotic as ever. Finley’s mom makes a surprise visit, and tensions are high. Finley tells Tess she doesn’t want her mom around, but having just lost her own mother, Tess gives her the sage advice that you never know how much time you have with your loved ones. And then Tess, who is an alcoholic, secretly takes a drink, and my heart just shatters.

After talking to Tess, Finley agrees to let her mom stay for Thanksgiving dinner, and calls Sophie to ask for backup. Now let me remind you, Sophie and Finley are broken up! But Sophie and her entire family make their way to Dana’s to be there for Finley.

But it’s not Gen Q without some additional shenanigans. Shane and Angie are volunteering at a food bank, where they run into the creative writing teacher who broke Angie’s heart, and Angie ends up busting up one of his car windows to get the book back that she made him. Micah gets stoned from weed gummies and finds out that he and Maribel have a sperm donor that matches their request. And Maribel, who previously did not want to get married, decides she wants to propose to Micah. But she loses the ring in the mashed potatoes that are on their way to Dana’s for Thanksgiving dinner!

The chaos continues at Dana’s, with Finley’s mom telling her that she is getting a divorce. But Finley handles it like a champ, which is surprising given her track record of nearly blowing everything up on this show. As part of her recovery, Finley tries to make amends to her mom, but her mom tells her that there is no point in apologizing for one thing when she has embarrassed the family for a myriad of things during her entire life. Now Finley is not my favorite character on this show, but damn, that was uncalled for.

Sophie gives Finley a pep talk, which includes a kiss initiated by Finley, and Finley tells her mom that things are kind of hard when your mom kicks you out of the house at 17 for being gay. Carrie stands up for Finley, and says that she has been filling in for Finley’s mom in her absence. And then Tess accidentally drops the turkey on Finley’s mom. Such karma, am I right?

The episode wraps with Micah telling Maribel and her family about the donor match, Tess spreading her mom’s ashes and texting Shane that she misses her, and Maribel proposing to Micah. But before the credits roll, Carrie passes out on the floor of her home, and Finley gives her CPR. Will she survive? I freaking hope so – her character had just started to grow on me this season!


Becca’s Rankings

Most OMG-Moment: Towards the end of the episode, Sophie tells Finley she wants to be friends, and Finley says she’s still in love with her. OMG, but not a surprise.

Funniest Moment: Carrie tells Finley: “I dated the same woman on and off for 16 years. I don’t think it’s bad. I just think it’s gay.”

Best Musical Moment: Dre and Dani making out to “You Put Your Spell on Me” by BEGINNERS. The chorus has a Tegan and Sara vibe, and I’m here for it.

Who will sleep together next? I hope it’s Bette and Tina because they are coming back for the last two episodes of this season!



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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