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September 10, 2014
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Wedding Announcement: Adrian Williams & Devon Williams

Devon and Adrian Williams

Names: Adrian Williams & Devon Williams

Ages: Adrian, 44; Devon, 33

Professions: Adrian is a Professional School Counselor and Devon is a Project Manager.

City, State: Woodbridge, VA

Date of Wedding: July 11, 2015

The Big Day: If we had to describe our wedding in five words it would be simple, modern, intimate, loving, and elegant (S.M.I.L.E.). We’ve selected Maggiano’s in Tysons Corner, VA for our wedding ceremony and reception location. It’s simple because the ceremony and reception will happen in the same location. It’s modern because of the clean lines of the venue. It’s a loving space because we are in love! Lastly, our wedding will be elegant because that’s our design aesthetic. In the unfortunate event the Supreme Court gets it wrong and doesn’t allow marriage equality in Virginia, we will do a quick legal ceremony the weekend before the big day at the National Harbor, MD.

Adrian’s favorite aspect of the wedding is the cake. Devon’s favorite aspect is the planning leading up to the big day. We believe that our guests will be wowed by the energy and love.

The Firsts:
First meeting: We met on and decided to meet in person on September 8, 2013 at Delia’s restaurant in Alexandria, VA.

First date: September 20, 2013 at Chili’s in Alexandria, VA.

First kiss: Our first kiss took place during our first date, a little after midnight.

When They Knew: Adrian knew in December 2013 that Devon was the one after spending a few days away from her. Devon knew the moment she walked into the restaurant on September 8, 2013 that Adrian was the one.

The Proposal: Adrian told Devon that this was a level one date, so she needed to look nice. Adrian picked Devon up from her home and they had dinner at the Chart House in Alexandria on July 4, 2014. Just as the meal was coming to a close, a dessert plate was presented to Devon with the words written on the top of the plate “Will you Marry Me?”

The Rings: Devon’s ring is a simple diamond band and Adrian’s ring is simple white gold band.

Honeymoon: We haven’t selected the location yet, but it will include a beach and all-inclusive amenities.

Looking into the Future: We are buying a new home together and plan on moving into it during the first two weeks in September 2014. Between wedding planning and purchasing a new house that’s enough for right now.


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