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Wedding Announcement: Amber and Carmen Madison-Diggs

Carmen Madison-Diggs (left) and Amber Madison-Diggs (right)

Names: Amber and Carmen Madison-Diggs

Ages: Amber, 31; Carmen, 33

Professions: Carmen is a Building Service Manager, and Amber is a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

City, State: Silver Spring, MD

Date of Wedding: October 12, 2013

The Big Day: Our wedding ceremony occurred at the Metropolitan Community Church of D.C. We chose this location because we loved the modern look, and we felt that it provided the perfect backdrop for our modern-themed wedding. Our color palette was a modern take on fall colors: fuchsia, burnt orange, and plum. These colors were inspired by the colors in a fall sunset, as well as the colors of the leaves as they change during the fall. Some of our favorite aspects of our wedding were our programs, the bouquets, and the aisle runner. The CD case was handmade, using embossing powder and a heat gun, and included the “Soundtrack to Our Love.”

The bridesmaids’ “bouquets” were clutch handbags with handmade silk flowers. Our reception was very personal because we chose a menu that we felt was unique. Our signature drinks—the “Ambertini” and “Carmen on the Rocks”—were selected by our friends and family at a drink tasting that we hosted prior to the big day. Our guests also had to sing for their turn at the buffet, which was a nod to Carmen and a fun way to pass time, instead of waiting in a long buffet line. We’ve been told how much our wedding embodied who we are as individuals and as a couple. This not only made us happy, but also proud of our big day!

The Firsts
First Meeting:
First meeting and first date were one and the same. Friends who were dating at the time introduced us. We spoke on the phone for a few weeks before the first date. 

First Date: The first date was on one of the hottest days in the summer of 2010. We met for Mexican food, on a Sunday afternoon. The date is not what you would consider a success. Carmen though Amber was stuck up and pushy. Amber thought Carmen talked too much and was annoyed by her smoking.

First Kiss: The first kiss was on the second date, when we unbelievably decided to take a weekend trip to West Virginia for some fun gambling. It might have been the excitement from being away from home, but contrary to the first date, the second date was a success, and kisses flowed freely. 

When They Knew: Carmen knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Amber early on, but was determined to make it official over the Memorial Day weekend of 2011. Amber went away to a graduation and left Carmen for the first time since the weekend trip to West Virginia. Carmen was miserable and knew at that moment that she had to propose.

The Proposal: Amber was blindsided by a dinner party attended by their closest friends and family, at her favorite restaurant, Maggiano’s. Amber thought it was odd that all these people were gathered together, but was completely surprised when halfway through the meal, Carmen got down on one knee and asked if it would be possible to spend the rest of their lives together.

The Ring(s): Amber’s ring is diamonds set in white gold with a quadrant of four diamonds, which gives the illusion of a single princess cut diamond, coupled with a matching band, for a total of 1.5 carats. Carmen’s band is similar to Amber’s, with two rows of diamonds.

The Honeymoon: Our honeymoon was a seven-day cruise to the Bahamas. We enjoyed every moment and made many lifelong memories.

Looking Into the Future: Our future is bright. We are looking to purchase a home and start a family within the next few years. We want to continue to grow as a couple and build a foundation for our family and a lifetime of love and admiration.