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February 22, 2014
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Wedding Announcement: Cecileah Shansky and Natalie Thompson

Names: Cecileah Lynne Shansky and Natalie Raquel Thompson

Ages: Cecileah is 28; Natalie is 29

Professions: Leah is a Program Analyst for Department of Commerce and Natalie is a Case Manager for House of Ruth

City, State: Kensington, MD

Date of Wedding: May 2015

The Big Day:  We actually did things a little differently than some couples. We purchased a house first. Owning our home seemed a little more important than spending all of our money on decorations and a venue. However, we are now ready to switch to bridezilla mode!

The Firsts:
First meeting: We met “the first time” through mutual friends in 2010, which Leah does not remember and it’s a good thing because I couldn’t stand her upon meeting her. A year later we “met again”, but it took us until 2012 to realize that we were perfect for each other.

First date: Our first date was on vacation in Miami, Florida in 2012. We got on the plane to Miami as friends and came back as life partners.

First kiss: Apparently, Miami is also for lovers! It was all such a blur.

Natalie and Leah

Natalie Thompson (left) and Cecileah Shanksy (right)

When They Knew: “I knew that Leah was the one, on the beach in Miami watching the sunrise on our second to last day of vacation. It was such a crazy night on the beach,” says Natalie.

“I knew before she did while hanging out as friends at a Caribou Coffee shop, a few weeks before the Miami vacation. She answered the coffee shop’s daily trivia question (which I was clueless about), and I thought that her nerdy moment was adorable,” says Leah.

The Proposal: “I’m not the most creative person, but I wanted more than a restaurant proposal, so I thought that paddle boating was a great way to celebrate our anniversary and a memorable moment,” says Leah.

The Ring(s): Natalie mentioned early on that she wanted a black diamond engagement ring, and because I’m a self-proclaimed great listener, I found her the perfect ring with a vintage twist.

Honeymoon: We haven’t decided yet. House hunting took up a lot of our planning time. Any suggestions?

Looking into the Future: Both of us need to finish school so that our careers can really take off. Children are in sight, but we are enjoying time with each other and have two dogs that take up a lot of our time.