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Wedding Announcement: Shawnte Craig and Tavia Jackson


Photo by Ashlee Nikole Photography

Names: Shawnte Craig & Tavia Jackson

Ages: Shawnte, 34; Tavia, 41

Professions: Shawnte is a Government Employee and Tavia is a Healthcare Coordinator.

City, State: District Heights, MD

Date of Wedding: October 11, 2014

The Big Day: Our wedding theme is Jazz in the fall. It will be held outdoors to highlight the beautiful autumn colors. The theme for our wedding was inspired by Tavia’s favorite artist, Billy Holiday and the infamous movie Lady Sings the Blues. Our wedding is unique to us because we both have a love for music, and gall is our favorite time of year. The date is significant because it’s the middle point between our birthdays.

How would I describe our wedding in five words or less? A simple and elegant soiree. The favorite part of the wedding will be the simplicity of our ceremony and our unique party favors. The most exciting thing about that day is an opportunity to share our love with our friends and family.

The Firsts:
First meeting:
September 2013

First date: A weekend of activities in Washington, D.C.                   

First kiss: September 21, 2013

When They Knew: Shawnte knew the moment Tavia set firm boundaries and told Shawnte her expectations. She knew she was the one. Tavia knew Shawnte was the one when there was a series of unfortunate events and they were able to communicate and work through them.

The Proposal: We were in Las Vegas and went ring shopping. Tavia doesn’t get excited about much, but when she saw her ring, she became bright eyed and bushy tailed. I bought the ring right there and proposed in the store.

The Rings: Tavia’s ring is a pink sapphire with diamonds. Shawnte’s ring is a sterling silver band with three lines to represent our union with God.

Honeymoon: We are looking at Canada or New Orleans.

Looking into the Future: We like to take things one day at a time. We want to simply enjoy our marriage for a year or two. We already have two grown children, but we may consider having another child or adopting one.

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