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Wedding Announcement: Demetrice Davis and Leandre Fields

Demetrice Davis (Dee Dee) and Leandre Fields (Lee)

Demetrice Davis (Dee Dee) and Leandre Fields (Lee)

Names: Demetrice Davis (Dee Dee) and Leandre Fields (Lee)

Ages: Dee Dee is 49 and Lee is 46

Professions: Dee Dee is a Doctor and Lee is an IT Consultant

City, State: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date of Wedding: May 15, 2018

The Big Day: The wedding will take place at a quaint boutique resort called The El Dorado Maroma in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The ceremony will take place on the Sky Deck overlooking the white sands and beautiful ocean. They believe their guests will love the fabulous beach as the sands will feel like powered sugar under their feet.

The Firsts:

First meeting:
Dee Dee and Lee met in Atlanta at a party given by Lee’s best friend. At the time Dee Dee lived in Las Vegas and Lee lived in Washington, D.C. They were introduced by a mutual friend that both had known for more than ten years. Neither of them were looking for a relationship, however, they were open to making new friends. Who knew it would lead to love.

First date:
Dee Dee invited Lee to Las Vegas for her birthday. When she arrived Dee Dee took Lee to a little cute restaurant called Brio that she frequents. The waiter stopped to take their order and asked how long had they been together. The two women laughed and stated they were not a couple and we were just getting to know each other.

First kiss:
Their first kiss happened while Lee visited Dee Dee in Las Vegas. This was the first time Lee can actually say she was nervous to kiss someone.

When They Knew: Dee Dee  “knew” the first Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday they shared which was the year they met. Lee knew the day before she left Atlanta. She told her best friend, “I’m gonna marry her. I promise you, she will be my wife.” Talk about speaking what you want into existence!

Two rings seating on a bench outsideThe Proposal: Dee Dee got together with some of their east coast friends from the Washington, D.C. area with the attempt of putting together a surprise birthday brunch for Lee. Well, Lee is so nosey that Dee Dee felt she couldn’t hide unusual high amount of texting and secretive phone calls from her. They arrived at The Four Seasons in Georgetown. When they walked in, Lee was completely surprised to see friends and family members from Atlanta and Detroit. Once Lee seemed to be calm, Dee Dee stood with her champagne glass in the air and prepared a toast. Lee thought it was strange because Dee Dee is not one to prepare a speech and toast. Dee Dee shared how much she loves Lee and is so happy they are in each others lives. Then, Dee Dee said, “Well we are not only here for Lee’s birthday, we are also here for this.” She waved her hand for someone to enter. Lee sees a tray that looks like a cake and started clapping her hands until Dee Dee turned to her and proposed. Lee couldn’t believe what was happening. She kept saying, “This isn’t happening. There’s no way you got this past me.” Tears and excitement filled the room and Lee said “YES!”

With excitement in the air Lee wanted to share the news with other friends by preparing a text asking friends to join them in the celebration. She was asked to wait and it was suggested that this moment be taken up to the bar for a small toast. Lee agreed. As Lee turned the corner to enter into the bar, she found the room filled with floating balloons, engagement cupcakes, champagne flowing and all the friends she wanted to text screaming “Surprise and Congratulations.” Unknown to Lee, Dee Dee not only planned the proposal brunch, she also planned a surprise engagement party. She filled Lee’s heart with so much love and a birthday she’ll never forget.

The Rings: Lee’s ring is a princess cut center diamond engagement ring with princess and round diamonds falling on each side. Dee Dee’s ring is a band with beautiful baguette and round diamonds.

Honeymoon: We look forward to spending our first days united as one in the “Over the Water Bungalows” which is a beautiful addition to the El Dorado Maroma. However, there has been talks of another location for lovers when we return from Mexico.

Looking into the Future: The future is looking bright. Dee Dee and Lee plan to travel and enjoy the life, which love has given them. If they bumped into him, the couple would be excited to share their love story with the server they met at Brio almost four years ago. If he’s reading this today, they would like to thank him for seeing the love and predicting their future together.





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