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Wedding Announcement: Kinyatta Gray and Julie Murphy

Kinyatta Gray and Julie Murphy wedding photo

Kinyatta and Julie (Judah Avenue Photography)

Names: Kinyatta Gray and Julie Murphy

Ages: Kinyatta is 41 and Julie is 57.

Professions: Kinyatta is a program manager at the Department of Homeland Security, and Julie is an operations manager for a large family-owned business in Washington, D.C.

City, State: Washington, D.C.

Date of Wedding: July 8, 2017

Kinyatta Gray and Julie Murphy walking through fireworks

(Judah Avenue Photography)

The Big Day: Our big day was everything that we had ever dreamed of! We wanted the atmosphere to be filled with romance, love, luxe, glitz, glamour, and most of all, inspiration for our family and friends. We branded our wedding “The Love Story.” Our wedding photographer was able to capture the essence of who we are as a couple in our wedding movie and photos, which to us, tells our love story. Our favorite aspect of our wedding was our first dance. We worked very hard to ensure perfection. In our own way, we nailed it and our family and friends cheered for us. The most exciting part of this experience for us was at one point we never believed that being married was going to be possible for either one of us, so we did not know how we would ever complete our love story. And then suddenly, we realized—it was happening. The dream had come true and we were indeed experiencing our wedding day. We are proof that true love and devotion prevails, and we have indeed completed our true, once in a lifetime love story.

The Firsts:

  • First meeting: We first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2004.
  • First date: Our first date was at McCormick & Schmick in Washington, D.C.
  • First kiss: The first kiss was at the conclusion of a wonderful dream first date at McCormick & Schmick.

When They Knew: We really took our time to get to know each other. We knew that we were in love very early on, but we did not want to rush into anything. It was very important to us to build a solid and strong foundation, friendship, and mutual respect for each other.

The Proposal: The proposal was on Christmas Day in 2015. Kinyatta found her ring after peeling away five large boxes, finding her engagement ring and a note proposing to her.

The Rings: Kinyatta’s ring is a 2.5 carat emerald cut diamond solitaire with four rose gold (diamond) bands. Julie’s ring is a rose gold diamond eternity band.

Honeymoon: One week after the wedding, we flew to the Caribbean and stayed in a luxury resort.

Looking into the Future: We are so looking forward to spending every waking minute with each other doing all of the things we love such as gardening, traveling, entertaining, spending time with family and friends, and continually growing and nurturing our marriage.


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