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March 13, 2014
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March 14, 2014

Wedding Announcement: Anna Bavier and Dane Ray

Anna Bavier and Dane Ray

Names: Anna Bavier and Dane Ray

Ages: Anna, 34; Dane, 30

Professions: Anna is an Event Planner and Dane is a General Manager of Caring Transitions/Senior Move Management

City, State: Washington, D.C.

Date of Wedding: October 2015

The Big Day: The overall theme is a celebration of community. One of the unique things that we’re excited about is asking our guests to bring soil from their own homes for us to grow food in our Love Garden. Our favorite part of the wedding will be the music – singing and dancing to it! We’re most excited for the guests to be involved in the wedding ceremony.

The Firsts:
First meeting: We first met while getting ready to go to Capital Queer Prom and Ladies Takeover events in 2013. Dane was rushing to get ready and Anna was bartending for the crew to continue the festive spirit. We flirted throughout the evening and when Anna’s ride home the next day broke down, Dane came to the rescue! We spent the rest of the afternoon at The Hamilton getting to know more about each other.

First date: We spent the first date at The Hamilton talking about everything from politics to the environment to religion…and food. All of the talking and laughing sparked a deeper interest to spend more time together. That day we started a standing tradition of talking after the date in the car. Sometimes we still talk for hours in the car before we call it a night.

First kiss: Two days after we met, we were parked outside of Anna’s house. We were like two magnets pulled together and the kiss was sparkling.

When They Knew: Dane moved back to Atlanta and the time apart was hard on both of us. Anna had a road trip with friends planned for Labor Day weekend, but when her friends couldn’t make it, she drove solo from Washington, D.C. to see Dane. Dane pulled out all the stops that would make any possible proposal, an easy ‘yes’. We had a perfect dinner in the Virginia Highlands in Atlanta, with gelato from a local shop followed by a ride on a Ferris wheel. What a fairy tale!

The Proposal: We had just left ZooLights and Dane couldn’t wait any longer. We pulled over the car and Dane explained how the coming winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and how each day gets longer and brighter after that day. It is a parallel to how Dane feels that each day since we’ve been together has been brighter than the day before as we grow together and build a life.

The Ring(s): Dane knew that Anna needed a special ring and didn’t hesitate in (secretly) reaching out to Anna’s friends to ensure the right one was found. It’s exactly Anna’s style. Dane pays attention to detail and it is perfect.

Honeymoon: We both love water and nature, so plans for the honeymoon include a vacation to Costa Rica.

Looking into the Future: Travel and new ventures, business and otherwise.