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Wedding Ceremony of Agnes and Sharon

(Photo courtesy of the Del Rosarios)

Names: Sharon and Agnes Del Rosario

Ages: Sharon is 32 and Agnes is 37.

Professions: Sharon is a Dialysis Technician and Agnes is an IT Specialist. They are also budding florists.

Location: Greenbelt, Maryland

Date of Wedding: November 4, 2018

The Big Day:
We got married at Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC. The overall theme of our big day was “formal/traditional.” Our initial thoughts were to do a destination wedding, but we really wanted all our family and friends to be able to be there. Also, we wanted our fur baby, Tazzz, to be a part of it. Thus, we opted to a local venue. After weeks of deciding for the right place, we visited Carnegie. We both fell in love with it and knew this was us.

We both played a huge role in every single aspect of our wedding because we wanted it to signify us as a couple. After almost two years of planning, the day finally arrived. Somehow, we still had so much to do weeks leading up to the big day. We would describe our wedding in five words as “It all happened too fast!” We included a Hand Binding during ceremony and the traditional Filipino Money dance during the reception. Our first dance was an interpretive dance choreographed to the song “Halo” by Beyoncé. Even though we perfected it during practice, we completely forgot most of the steps but, regardless, it was still a crowd pleaser.

Sharon DIYed all the wedding decor and created the table centerpieces and boutonnieres. She also made the bridesmaids’ bouquets with a little help from our amazing friends.

Agnes and Sharon Del Rosario

(Photo courtesy of the Del Rosarios)

The Firsts:

First meeting:
September 3, 2010. It was Labor Day weekend back in 2010 and we met at a bar in Ballston, VA through common friends celebrating their graduation. It was completely random as we both weren’t planning on being “out and about” that night. Agnes noticed that Sharon looked like she didn’t feel like being there so Agnes grabbed Sharon’s hand and led her to the bar where we had our first drink, lemon drop shots. Sharon was completely clueless even after the second drink that Agnes was hitting on her but before the night ended, Sharon was already completely smitten by Agnes’ charming smile.

First date:
September 14, 2010. McCormick & Schmicks Happy Hour at the National Harbor

First kiss:
After our first date.

When They Knew:
There wasn’t a specific day or time but we both knew we never wanted to be apart from each other after we reconnected on May of 2012.

The Proposal:
The proposal was on February 13, 2016. We were on a winter getaway in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Sharon woke up to a breakfast room service and a bottle of champagne. Sharon didn’t think anything of it until she saw red balloons scattered all over the floor. Agnes handed Sharon a flip book filled with video stills of her from a little over a year ago in Angkor Wat asking her jokingly if she was about to propose since the view there was so majestic. But at the very end of the book were the words “Will you marry me, Sharon Ruth?” to which Sharon replied, “Yes!”

The Rings: Sharon’s engagement ring is a center-round diamond accented on each side by seven round brilliant-cut diamonds. We both have a matching Maillon Panthère wedding bands from Cartier which are 18K white gold band set with four brilliant-cut diamonds.

Honeymoon: Seychelles and Kenya. We are doing it as a honeymoon and as a 1st year wedding anniversary this coming November 2019.

Looking into the Future: We are planning to sell our current home and take on a more minimalist life by moving to a smaller house. We eventually plan to move out of the D.C. metro area and to continue to explore the world together. We are also new entrepreneurs and are currently looking forward to growing our flower business La Fleur Enchantee, Inc.










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