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Wedding Announcement: Lindsy Gundrum and Joi Jenkins

Lindsy Gundrum (left) and Joi Jenkins (right) on their wedding day — Photo by Laura Scheidt

Names: Lindsy Gundrum and Joi Jenkins

Ages: Lindsy, 30; Joi, 29 (again)

Professions: Lindsy is a Manager for a sexual assault hotline, and Joi works in the security field

City, State: Annandale, VA

Date of Wedding: October 13, 2012

The Big Day: After a few discussions of what we wanted our big day to look like, we realized how much we wanted everything to happen in one spot so no one had to worry about getting from one location to another. After a lot of online searches, we stumbled onto the perfect hotel in Fredericksburg, VA. The hotel had a unique tiered meeting room, which would allow for everyone to see the ceremony, and gorgeous hardwood floors in the banquet room. The moment we saw the place we knew it was it! Not to mention, Lindsy had high hopes that the leaves would be changing colors for that beautiful fall wedding she had pictured in her head.

We decided that the color theme of the wedding would be red, white, and black. Lindsy enlisted the help of her sister and one of her closest friends to make all of the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres as these would serve as keepsakes for the bridal party. We both loved the chocolate chip flavored cupcakes. In fact, those cupcakes ended up being so delicious that Lindsy’s nephew stole her cupcake right off of the bridal table.

Lindsy and Joi's Wedding CeremonyWith the decisions of the decorations finally made, it became time to think about our ceremony. We decided that we needed to pick a friend as our officiant, someone from the community who knew us and would understand what we wanted from our special day. The person we really wanted said yes, and we could not have been more thrilled. So many people complimented her on how amazingly she delivered our ceremony. (Hell, even my sisters have initiated her into the family).

Despite the stress of planning a wedding, the day could not have been more perfect. (Except for maybe the leaves changing colors as Lindsy so hoped for).

The Firsts:
First meeting: The first time Lindsy and Joi met was in 2008 at a mutual friend’s house. Lindsy was there for an L Word party and Joi was hanging out with one of the roommates. While we were both dating other people at the time, we can’t deny (now) that at that time we each had a crush on the other.

First date: Roughly a year later, we were both single and having a fun night out with friends when we ran into each other at Apex. We couldn’t keep away from each other and ended up dancing the whole night away.

First kiss: During our first date right there on the Apex dance floor.

When They Knew: It was about two months into the relationship and Lindsy just couldn’t picture her life without Joi being in it.

The Proposal: After searching all over the Internet for several weeks, Lindsy found the perfect ring that reflected Joi’s personality. The ring arrived to Lindsy’s office on a random Tuesday, and she decided that she couldn’t keep the secret to herself any longer. When she got home from work that day, she mischievously pulled the box out of her purse. Joi didn’t see what she had pulled out, but noticed Lindsy’s goofy looking face. She asked what Lindsy was up to, so she put the ring in front of Joi and asked if she would marry her. She (obviously) said yes, and now here we are!

A short while later, Joi gave Lindsy a gorgeous ring that had been her mother’s. Lindsy fell in love with it immediately and continues to treasure the sentiment behind it.

The Ring(s): Lindsy’s ring is a solitaire diamond ring in a sapphire enhancer wedding band. Joi’s black diamond engagement ring is paired with a unique Renaissance style wedding band.

Honeymoon: We wanted to see as many places on our honeymoon as possible, so we opted for a Caribbean cruise. The first stop was the Bahamas where we got to go on a tour of Atlantis. We also went to St. Thomas where we swam with a sea lion and San Juan, Puerto Rico where we got a tour of the rain forest and one of the old forts on the island. The last stop was Turks and Caicos Islands where we went snorkeling with power jets that helped get you around. In addition to all of the neat excursions, we enjoyed a lovely seaweed wrapped couples massage, an upgrade to a room with a balcony, and nightly drinks and singing at the piano bar.

Looking into the Future: Live, laugh, love and enjoy the company of our friends and family is in short our motto. While visions of houses, motorcycles and new cars dance in our heads, most of our focus is on enjoying our life. You can’t predict the future, so we focus on trying to enjoy the now.